Get Involved with the Rainbow Mark

Join the Rainbow Mark programme and commit to LGBTQ+ inclusion. The Rainbow Mark aims to promote LGBTQ+ inclusion across the Channel Islands.

What is the Rainbow Mark?

The Rainbow Mark is a visible sign displayed by participating organisations across the Channel Islands to indicate that they are LGBTQ+ friendly and are committed to LGBTQ+ inclusion, in line with several key principles, which you can find in the Rainbow Mark Guidance.

It is a kitemark initiative that provides participating organisations with visible signage (e.g. a window sticker) to demonstrate their participation and commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusion. Signing up is free, and participating organisations may include premises such as offices, public buildings, beauty salons, kiosks, cafes, bars, restaurants, gyms, libraries, supermarkets, and nightclubs. Essentially, this includes anywhere that people visit as customers or clients.

The Rainbow Mark offers introductory-level advice on LGBTQ+ inclusion via the Rainbow Mark Guidance.

Further certifications and training are available, including ‘Pride Certified’ and ‘ DIFERA’.

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