LGBTQ+ Identities: Sexuality, Gender Identity & Intersex

These pages aim to offer information, advice, and support to anyone who wants to learn more about the diverse ways people experience their sexuality, gender identity, and biological sex.

  • Nature is queer, queer is natural - Let's talk about it!

    When we are born, our biological sex is recorded on our birth certificate based on a look at our genitals. We enter a world where many people believe there are set rules and ‘ideals’ based on this biological sex, such as whom we should be attracted to, how we should look, act or dress, and even what kinds of jobs we were traditionally allowed to hold.

    Our biological sex does not define a person’s gender identity or sexuality. It does not always even define our actual biological sex—traditional classifications have failed to correctly identify Intersex people, who are born with variations in chromosomes, hormones, or genitalia. Traditional norms have also failed to consider variations in sexuality and gender identity. Just like every other part of the human experience, whether it be anatomy or how we feel about ourselves or others, gender identity, sex, and sexuality exist more on a spectrum than being clear-cut. Variance is innate to biology, and each individual is unique, so there are as many possibilities as there are individuals.

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