Community campaigns help to achieve equality

Some of our past campaigns have been for law reform e.g. to protect people from discrimination, or to have the right to same-sex marriage. We’ve also worked to create inclusive spaces where LGBTQ+ people may traditionally have felt excluded, such as with our Pride in Sport campaign.

Our campaigns

We really appreciate community involvement to create, promote, and support campaigns. With public involvement, we can include as many people and make as much positive impact as possible!

Petition for Equality

Liberate was formed on 15 February 2014 and launched a petition for equality, which gained over 800 signatures in one week. This led the then-Chief Minister Jonathan Le Tocq to invite Liberate to a meeting. During which it was pledged that a consultation to legally recognise relationships, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, would commence.

February 2014

Same-Sex Marriage & Adoption

In 2016 legislation in Guernsey was updated to allow same sex couple to get married. Alderney (and Jersey) followed 2018 with Sark updating their laws in 2020. Adoption laws in the Bailiwick of Guernsey were also updated in 2016.

January 2024

Pride in Sport

Sports people are encouraged to don rainbow laces or sweatbands to demonstrate acceptance for all in sport, regardless of sexuality or gender identity, and to stand against discrimination in sport.

August 2018

Anti-Discrimination Legislation - Phase 1

The long awaited anti-discrimination legislation came in to place in 2023. People with the protected grounds of Disability, Carer (of people with disabilities), Race, Religion and Belief, and Sexuality are covered from discrimination in employment and whilst accessing goods and services (protection whilst in education will be introduced in 2025).

January 2024

Anti-Discrimination Legislation - Phase 2

The second part of the anti-discrimination legisation which will cover Age, Sex and Trans status is due to be written and brought back to the States of Guernsey sometime between 2024-2026.

January 2024

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