Pride Certified

Pride Certified is an initiative that provides a way for organisations to lend their support all year round. Being supportive of the LGBTQ+ community is not just for Pride!

Why is becoming Pride Certified important?

Why is becoming Pride Certified important?

During Pride month and in the run-up to Channel Islands Pride, many companies get in touch wanting to offer support as Pride is a hugely visible event. In fact, it is the biggest free community event that happens in Guernsey, with over 10% of the population attending! However, the LGBTQ+ community needs support all year round, and you can only support a community properly if you understand the issues they face and how you can help – and changing your company logo to a rainbow doesn’t really cut it these days. Many companies who do that are accused, quite rightly, of ‘Rainbow Washing,’ which is when a brand uses LGBTQ+ symbols only to signal their support through advertising, without engaging in further support of the community, their rights, or grassroots LGBTQ+ organisations.

What does Pride Certified consist of?

We will work with you to deliver a year-round strategy that opens up the discussion around LGBTQ+ people in your workplace. The Pride Certified accreditation (£1,500) includes:

  • 1 x 2.5-hour training session for staff on LGBTQ+ identities and allyship
  • A review of core policies and procedures for LGBTQ+ inclusion
  • 1 x session on how to create a welcoming inclusive place for LGBTQ+ customers and staff
  • 1 x follow-up session
  • Plus confidential help to address homophobia or transphobia in the workplace for employees

Further certifications and training are available, including the ‘Rainbow Mark’ and ‘DIFERA’.

Want to become Pride Certified?

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