Fundraising and Donation

If you’d like to show your support but volunteering or campaigning isn’t your thing, you could donate, fundraise or become a ‘Liberate Legend’.

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Want to help create a lasting legacy for the future?

Could you be a ‘Liberate Legend’? It’s a way of supporting us via regular donations or through a one-off, where you get a badge to show your support!

Or you or your organisation could host a fundraising event such as a cake sale or mufti day, or we could be your charity of the year!

However you choose to support us, we truly value and appreciate you for helping us to achieve equality!

Deliver education and training sessions to schools, chairties and clubs to ensure that the next generation of LGBTQ+ young people feel more included and respected.

Help parents understand their LGBTQ+ children and identify how they can best support them.

Help allies to better understand and support their LGBTQ+ colleagues, family, and friends.

Organise and pay for Channel Islands Pride, one of Guernsey's largest events where thousands of people enjoy a celebration of diversity and identity to show support for LGBTQ+ Islanders FOR FREE!

Help about 800 individuals to be included, informed, and supported through our groups, events, and support networks.

Deliver nearly 100 hours of one to one support in response to requests for help.

Provide over 50 hours of community and corporate training to support our Bailiwick community to become more inclusive.

Respond to requests from over 50 individuals in need of support and help, often in times of great personal crisis.

Hold approximately 70 separate group meetings through our groups (i.e. our Family Group, twice-monthly term-time Youth Group, monthly Trans Group, weekly/fortnightly Art Club, and bimonthly Book Club).

Campaign tirelessly for you, your friends and family members, and help advise the States of Guernsey on reforming outdated laws, policies and practices. We fight for your rights!

Why do we need money?

Almost all of our activities incur costs, and we try to keep things free for the people using our groups and clubs. Costs can include co-ordination of services and groups, admin, website and IT, equipment rental, PR, materials, and venue hire to name just a few things, and of course staff – we’re mostly volunteers, though some professional full-time staff are vital to ensure someone’s always there to help anyone in serious crisis.

We’re growing and responding to islanders needs.

Future projects include LGBTQ+ support and social groups for more people in the community, including Over 65’s, Autistic and Neurodivergent LGBTQ+ individuals, family groups, and developing our business network. On top of this, we are running projects on anti-bullying and HIV+ stigma and prevention. And hopefully with your donations one day we’ll welcome all into a Liberate Community space.

Please sign up today so we can continue to offer our crucial services to our LGBTQ+ community and to the Bailiwick of Guernsey for years to come.

Thank you!

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