Does your organisation want to be more inclusive?

It only takes a quick web search to recognise the power of inclusivity in the workplace! Our training sessions, custom options, or how we can check if your policies and procedures are LGBTQ+ inclusive.

We offer a whole host of different training options for organisations

We have delivered training to hundreds of organisations across the islands (e.g. corporate, charity, States departments, schools and sports).

There are various training options available on a range of LGBTQ+ matters. If you are looking for something specific, talk to us about your organisation’s needs!

We can tailor training sessions to you and check over policies and procedures to make sure they are LGBTQ+ inclusive.

LGBTQ+ Inclusive Training Options

If you're looking for the basics, a more in-depth look, or something specific - we're here to help!
Some of our most common sessions are listed below, or we can customise sessions for your organisation.

The ABCs of LGBTQ+

Having a better understanding of the issues that the LGBTQ+ community face helps people be more compassionate and understanding. It gives them the language and knowledge to feel confident in supporting their LGBTQ+ colleagues or clients, which is how allies are created. When LGBTQ+ people feel supported and confident in their workplace, they are able to bring their full authentic self to work – which is a wonderful thing!

How to be a Good Ally

Giving your organisation the tools to understand, identify, and confidently address LGBTQ+ discrimination, encourages people to question discrimination inside and outside of the workplace. As a key to positive change, we can help your organisation to stand up for LGBTQ+ people (whether they are in the room or not), and stand against social attitudes and behaviours such as homophobia, transphobia, and biphobia. Inclusion has been shown to benefit organisations, and vocal allies can really help the world to be a better place!

Sex, Sexuality and Gender Identity

This in-depth look covers essential terminology, explaining the differences between biological sex, sexual attraction, and gender identity. It demonstrates how there is a spectrum of LGBTQ+ identities, and how each LGBTQ+ person has unique experiences. This helps your organisation to have constructive and informed discussions about LGBTQ+ inclusion and to understand the factors at play depending on how a person identifies.

LGBTQ+ History Month

We offer training on LGBTQ+ History, the importance of LGBTQ+ History Month, what it is for, why it is necessary, and how having an understanding of LGBTQ+ history can help your organisation.

Lunch and Learn

We can arrange a 'Lunch and Learn' for your organisation to attend, so teams or departments can get together over a meal during the day and cover specific topics or as an opportunity to discuss and ask questions. This could be as a one-off format or booked into a regular schedule for professional development.


We can offer training on the origin of Pride and Channel Islands Pride, the importance of Pride to the LGBTQ+ and wider communities, what Pride aims to achieve, why it is necessary, and how having an understanding of Pride can help your organisation. You can also become Pride Certified.

Want to book a training session?

Training sessions start from £150 per session. We offer concession rates or free sessions to charities and organisations who may not have a training budget. Speak to us to find out more!

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What impact does LGBTQ+ Inclusion have?

Here's some feedback from people Liberate has supported:

    Thank you for organising an amazing Pride, I had the best time! I’m telling my parents tomorrow I have a girlfriend. Pride makes a huge difference to people like me who have known we’re different from a young age.

    - Thanks from a young Lesbian

    Coming out at 62 after many years of marriage was totally devastating. I was completely lost until I contacted Liberate. They immediately came to my aid, proving empathetic support with people who really understood. Without Liberate I would have been utterly alone and isolated.

    - Thanks from a Gay man in their 60’s 

    My child is transitioning from female to male. I believe Liberate averted possible school bullying. Your talks with teachers undoubtedly helped my son and the school to adjust. Liberate have been there for us *every step of the way.* Without Liberate’s support and guidance we would have had nowhere else to turn.

    - Thanks from a Mother of a Trans child 

    A year ago I ‘came out’ to tackle all my psychological issues, which were exacerbating my disability. At first it went badly, alienating family and losing friends. Isolated, regretful, fearful, I felt lost until I contacted Liberate, who gave me the knowledge and confidence to confront and process long-repressed feelings. After many decades living a lie, in fear, I can be myself. A simple thanks is totally inadequate: Liberate saved my life.

    - Thanks from a Gay man in their 50’s