DIFERA is Liberate’s employer accreditation programme and is run by Liberate Jersey. DIFERA aims to provide organisations across the Channel Islands with a quality mark that can be used to demonstrate their credentials as a diverse and inclusive employer. The DIFERA programme is much wider than LGBTQ+ identities and focuses on all minority groups.

What is DIFERA?

DIFERA is the first programme in the Channel Islands to award organisations with a quality mark that demonstrates to employees (past, present, and future), clients, and suppliers that an organisation places Diversity, Inclusion, Fairness, Equality, Respect, and Acceptance at the heart of what they do.

On joining the programme, an audit of your employees is undertaken, from which a report is produced that sets out where your organisation is now on its DIFERA journey. Then, a DIFERA champions group is formed within your organisation to work with you to produce a DIFERA strategy. Your champions are then trained to enable your organisation to train other colleagues and provide inductions to new starters.

Further certifications and training are available, including the ‘Rainbow Mark’ and ‘Pride Certified’.

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