How would you like to take part in The Unicorn Races! This rare sight is being promised at Pride at Princess Royal on the 21st of August as Guernsey celebrates this years Channel Islands Pride.

The ‘Unicourse’ sees decorated unicorn hobby horses and their owners compete in different challenges: Dressage, Showjumping and Steeplechase.

Teams of three are invited to take part with a different team member then competing in each challenge.

Decide who will have the pose for Dressage, who will have the agility for Showjumping and who will have the stamina for Steeplechase.

The entrance fee is £30 a team, you can create and pimp your own Unicorn Hobby Horse or you can purchase an undecorated Unicorn from Liberate for £20. It’s up to your team to adorn the magical creature, perhaps in glitter or a rainbow theme for Channel Islands Pride, or your team or corporate colours – you decide.

Sponsorship is also encouraged and a great way to get your friends and colleagues to support you on the day.

A wonderful set of unicorn embossed rosettes and other prizes awaits the winners.

How does it work?

  • Pick your team – you will need a minimum of three people to be able to compete.
  • Each person will take part in one unicorn discipline:
    • Show Jump – In this there will be a series of jumps located on the course and your team member will have to jump them twice in a predetermined pattern.
    • Steeple Chase – your chosen unicorn run one lap of a course which may have several small jumps included.
    • Dressage – this will be your teams grand finale, you will have one minute to show what your unicorn can do via the art of ‘expressive dance’ to music of your choice.

What Next



Sponsorship is encouraged and a great way to get your friends and colleagues to support you on the day.


Turn up on the day

How it will work

  • When you arrive you will need to sign your unicorns in near the Unicorn Races track which will be on the grass behind the College of Further Education building. Please sign in by 2pm.
  • You will then be directed to a holding area to wait for the first event (or given a time to come back).
  • The first event will be the show jumping.
    • In this your most agile Unicorn will navigate a series of jumps located on the course. They will have to jump them twice in a predetermined pattern.Your show jumping Unicorn will then retire back to the holding bay.
  • The second event will be the steeplechase.
    • Your Unicorn and rider will run one lap of the course which may have several small jumps included before they retire back to holding bay.
  • The grand final will be the dressage event.
    • Show off your pose and create a full dance display with their Unicorn and rider.
  • It is greatly encouraged to make yourselves and your Unicorns as fabulous as possible. You can use props, glitter (biodegradable), feather boas, the sky is the limit. Your most extravagant and expressive Unicorn is required for the dressage where they will have one minute to shine to a music track of their choice. The winner of the dressage will be picked by a panel of judges.
  • Each Unicorn will accumulate points depending on where they place in each event.
  • There will be rosettes for each team and a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophy and possibly a booby prize!
  • We require that each team maintains control of their unicorns at all times and any messes created by their unicorns has to be cleaned by a team member. If it’s a hot day please make sure your Unicorns are well hydrated!